Flex Buy

Flex Buy Program

Designed to work with your budget.

Flex Buy is a unique payment plan designed to work with your budget. It allows you to make a lower payment for the initial term of your loan.

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How Flex Buy Works

The Flex Buy contract term is 66 months with two payment schedules. This allows you to purchase a vehicle today and "grow" into the payments over time.

  • The first schedule of payments is for 36 months. Those payments will be lower than the payments of a comparable 60-month contract.
  • The last payment schedule consists of 30 monthly payments, which are higher than the first 36-month payments.
Flex Buy Chart

Assumes an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 3.9% and a 10% down payment.

For example purposes. Actual rate will be negotiated with dealer.

Figures are rounded to the nearest dollar. Check with your dealer for availability.

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