Give your Credit a Test Run.

Putting your credit type through a quick test run can help give you an idea of which financing options might work best for you. Feel free to try different numbers and answers—your information won’t be collected until you’re ready to apply online or at a dealer.

  1. Select a vehicle and estimate the payment. Then answer a few questions about your credit experience.
  2. Make adjustments to your information and explore other options.
  3. And finally, get your results and some recommended next steps.
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The credit test run tool is not a credit application. It is designed to help you understand how we look at different credit profiles and what application process may work best. We will not request your name, address or social security number or use a credit report. Use of this tool will not impact your credit score. You must complete our online credit application if you would like to apply for credit now or you may see your dealer for other credit options.